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The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at Brown University is deeply committed to fostering an environment in which all individuals are welcomed and given the opportunity to flourish, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.






Kappa Alpha Theta at Brown is a supportive and close-knit community of passionate, strong and intelligent young women who embody what it means to be a “leading woman”. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at Brown as a space for bright women from different backgrounds to motivate each other and work together to give back to the community. Our members are leaders and trailblazers, on campus and off. They not only strive to achieve the standard already set, they raise the bar even higher and go above and beyond in everything they do. Thetas let their passions drive them and know that if they ever need a helping hand on their path to success, another Theta will always be there to offer support.

My time in Theta has truly shaped who I am as a person. I was originally very hesitant to go through the sorority recruitment process - I absolutely loved Brown and felt I was already part of an incredible community. It wasn’t until I joined Theta that I realized what I had been missing – the feeling of home. Being a Theta has enhanced my experience here at Brown more than I ever could have imagined. With every goal I have achieved and every obstacle I’ve overcome Theta has been there every step of the way as a steadfast source of inspiration and support. Now two years later, I could not be more honored to be able to give back to the chapter that has given so much to me by serving as its CEO. I invite you to get to know our Alpha Epsilon family and the things we hold dear in the place we call HΘME!


Theta Love and Mine,


Xhesika Begaj, Chief Executive Officer

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